U.S. Aims to 'Choke' China's Military Advances with Chip Sanctions

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U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo confirmed that America will not export its top-tier supercomputer chips to China due to military concerns, reports The Hill. During her recent trip to Beijing amidst rising U.S.-China tensions, Raimondo emphasized the nation's commitment to limiting China's military capability. She also revealed a cyber attack she experienced from Chinese sources.

During a recent appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press," Gina Raimondo clarified America's stance on chip exports to China. Host Chuck Todd inquired about the possibility of the U.S. exporting its advanced chips to China as well as the impact of these chips on the People's Republic's armed forces. In response, Raimondo asserted that the primary objective is to limit China's military capabilities.

"We are trying to choke their military capacity," Raimondo said. "So if they feel that, that means our strategy is working. Certainly on my watch, we are not going to sell the most sophisticated American chip to China that they want for their military capacity."

Further highlighting the strategic intentions, Raimondo stated that the U.S. would refrain from supplying China with sophisticated American chips desired for bolstering its military power. This decision aligns with the U.S.'s ongoing efforts to maintain a strategic edge in key technological areas.

Amid these statements, Raimondo remains optimistic about America's role in the global semiconductor landscape. She envisions the U.S. establishing a world-leading semiconductor ecosystem by 2030. She stressed the importance of reviving domestic manufacturing and pioneering research in this field to ensure America's prominence.

Complicating her diplomatic trip to Beijing, Raimondo disclosed that she had been the target of a cyber intrusion traced back to Chinese agents. Despite this challenge, she approached her Beijing meetings with forthrightness, addressing various U.S. concerns, ranging from national security to labor and business interests. She didn't hold back in discussing these critical issues with her Chinese counterparts.

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