Intel Reveals USB 4 Linux Kernel Support Patches

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Intel revealed USB4 patches to the Linux kernel mailing list on Tuesday. If approved, these patches will provide basic USB4 support to the Linux kernel.

The USB Implementers Forum first announced USB4 specs in early September. Some of the new features include 40 Gbps maximum speed, some backward compatibility with Thunderbolt 3 devices and USB Type-C Port support. Here you'll find everything we know about USB4.

Phoronix initially reported on the patches. There are 22 total to help provide USB4 support. The new support code is essentially re-using the kernel's Thunderbolt drive.

A big concern is the lack of proper power management support. The new code does, however, provide DisplayPort, PCIe and USB 3.x tunneling. You can also expect P2P networking and other fundamental components.

Once the Intel team incorporates final touches, like proper power management support, they can submit the new Linux kernel support for approval. According to Phoronix, we may be on track to see the USB4 support in the Linux 5.5 kernel release.

Ash Hill
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