This USB Type-C dongle uses heat to relieve mosquito bites

Heat It Type C Dongle that provides relieve via heat for mosquito/ horsefly bites and wasp stings
(Image credit: Heat It)

USB Type-C may be the solution to a lot of tech problems, but we can't say we expected it to solve issues coming from nature. A German company called Kamedi is selling the 'Heat-It' USB Type-C dongle that it claims can relive or heal itchy bites or stings from mosquitoes, horseflies and wasp.  

This little device can fit in your phone's Type-C port and has a metal surface on the other side that generates heat. When you plug it into your phone (there are Android and iOS apps), you can customize the duration of the heat treatment (or use a child-friendly or sensitive skin mode to turn the temperature down a bit). The 'cure' works by applying heat of a out 51 degrees Celsius (123.8 degrees Fahrenheit) over the bite.

Kamedi points to a research study published in the Swedish journal Acta Dermato-Venereologica to back up its claims. The study, which specifically uses the Heat-It, claims to be "the first published controlled real-world study of the use of concentrated heat to alleviate itch induced by insect bites or stings," and states that the findings "demonstrate a significant reduction in itch and pain using local heat application after insect bites or stings, based on data derived from a large data set with more than 12,000 registered treatments from more than 1,700 individuals."

Why Not a Cup of Tea?

This is a high-tech solution to a problem that people have attempted for a long time. One could simply use a cup with a hot beverage in it to do the same job, or a hot spoon run under boiling water. But if you're outdoors hiking, you may not have access to those. But the dongle also helps apply heat to a more specific area where you get the bite.

And since the app has customization for heat and duration, you can make customizations that you couldn't to a hot spoon. 

Prevention is better than a cure, so your best bet is probably a good bug spray. And while this may be a high-tech solution to a low-tech problem, at least the USB-C standard means you could try this on either iPhone (thanks to the European Union) or Android.

We haven't given these things a try, but proponents of the USB-C standard who also get lots of bug bites can find this gizmo on Amazon US and UK

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  • PlutoDelic
    I'll wait for the Audiophile version.

  • emike09
    It's crazy people are just barely finding out and doing studies related to heat treatment for insect bites. I've been using this technique for over 30 years. When I'm out camping, I usually just use a lighter to heat up its metal head and cautiously apply it to the bite in a circular motion. 5 minutes later, you'll forget you ever got bit.
  • PEnns
    At home I use a hair dryer. The relief is almost instantaneous,
  • bigdragon
    I'd like to see a follow-up to this story when the company introduces a subscription requirement next year.
  • Co BIY
    Great idea - I've never tried the hot spoon technique. But it's nice to see something useful actually studied.

    I tend to not be attractive to mosquitos compared to others and low sensitivity when bit. But I remember as a kid that not being the case.

    I would prefer a stand-a-alone tool rather than an add-on to my phone.
  • Co BIY
    From the article:
    " at least the USB-C standard means you could try this on either iPhone (thanks to the European Union) or Android."

    Not sure the Euro uber-bureaucracy had much to do with the availability of this for iPhone. It's available for iPhones with lightning connectors and even older Android phones with Micro USB.

    It's available on Amazon in the US - Tom's should put a link. The European based website doesn't make it easy to find out how to buy from North America.
  • Co BIY
    bigdragon said:
    I'd like to see a follow-up to this story when the company introduces a subscription requirement next year.

    While I appreciate your cynicism, Reviews note that the app doesn't require a sign in or account to operate so a lot to like with how they are running things now.

    Later when they are bought out by a global multi-national all bets are off.
  • Amdlova
    If you comes to Amazonia you need jump on Fire :)
  • edent
    If you want to read an *actual* review of the gadget - I posted this a few days ago
  • 3ogdy
    That's a useful gadget. I didn't remember the hot spoon technique.

    Usually, I just rub some salt over the bite and it's alright, although not instantaneously.