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Vertu Luxury Cellphones Switch Over to Android

The company will switch its operating system from Symbian to Android. This may be especially interesting for you if you consider an iPhone as too cheap and generic and you are willing to spend up to $20,000 for a gold-plated, as well as carbon fiber and black sapphire encased smartphone that makes a Blackberry look like the headline product from your local dollar store.

Nokia recently sold Vertu to EQT VI and the new CEO Anssi Vanjoki is not wasting any time to steer the luxury brand into a different direction. Instead of using Windows Phone, which was Nokia's original plan, Vanjoki now prefers Android. This is especially interesting since Vertu once pledged to stick with Symbian to be able to different than other Android smartphones.

Realistically, the operating system has never been an advantage to justify the exorbitant price of Vertu phones. Using Android is simply a necessity now to offer at least the same features as other phone makers, while exotic materials, crystals and diamonds will leave plenty of opportunity to please a crowd who is not content with a sparkling iPhone case.

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