Keyboard Kills Germs, Viruses and the Nasties

The keyboard is the most used part of any computer system. It gets your finger treatment all day long and probably even gets other people's fingers.

Most probably, your keyboard is dirtier than your toilet.

So how do you avoid all the germs that are infesting your keyboard? You get what's called the Vioguard keyboard.

The Vioguard keyboard is like any other keyboard, except it comes with a build in UV sanitizing system. When activated, the keyboard will retract into the germ killing unit and the lid will close. Then the keyboard is subjected to 90 seconds of intense UV light. According to Vioguard, the system eliminates 99.99-percent of germs and viruses--even H1N1.

According to Vioguard:

Vioguard's keyboard uses high power germicidal ultraviolet light, otherwise known as UV-C, at 254 nm wavelength. Recent advances in lamp and electronic ballast technology have made it possible to provide high power levels combined with long lamp life, which means the bulbs will last for many months even in the heaviest possible use cases.

The keyboard uses two 25-watt UV-C lamps with a reflector and diffuser to distribute the light evenly. Based on published data, this level of UV-C will kill more than 99.9% of harmful microorganisms such as MRSA, mold, and other contaminants within seconds. ¹

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  • sunflier
    Do I hear Vioguard Hard drive in the works??
  • theblackbird
    You'll still have to clean it tho: it doesn't remove fat and other hamburger or pizza leftovers.

    Nice idea, but they should have made it a general cleaning unit. Not just desinfecting.
  • papasmurf
    (You were all thinking it)

    but is it spermicidal?