Walmart to Offer Unlimited, No Contract $45 Smartphone Plan

The retailer and Straight Talk are offering an all-you-can-eat voice and data plan for $45 per month. For $60, the companies offer included international calling to countries such as Mexico, Canada, and India. There is no contract required and the offer can now be applied to iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 models.

The catch: the plan does not include subsidies for a new phone. Customers will have to buy either a 16 GB iPhone 5 for $649 or an 8 GB iPhone 4 for $449. Walmart is offering free financing for both phones as long as customers own a Walmart credit card. The financing fee is $25 per month until the balance is paid in full. It will take a customer about 26 months to pay the phone off.

The bottom line is a $70 payment for the iPhone 5 for a little over two years, which is not as attractive anymore as $45, but you save yourself the $199 upfront device cost and you could pay only $45 per month after 26 months.

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  • ss202sl
    A $25 financing fee per month is a lot of money just in fees.
  • cknobman
    ss202sl, you misread (although at first I did too, article is not clearly written).

    25*26 = $650 which is the cost of the phone (16GB). So the $25 is not fees .
  • velosteraptor
    ss202slA $25 financing fee per month is a lot of money just in fees.
    the 25$ per month is the payment on the phone itself.. so after the 26 months you will have paid $650 for the phone. No interest. A pretty good deal in my mind.

    I think this is a pretty cool thing for walmart to do, as it will undoubtedly get more people onto the pay as you go scenario.

    I currently use straight talk, and i think its great. The one thing to mention though, it isnt really unlimited data. After 2GB, you will get a msg from them warning you to cut down on the data, and at a certain point they will severely throttle you down.

  • guerrero
    I have Straight Talk and $45 for unlimited everything is B.A, Straight Talk uses Verizon towers so you get Verizon service
  • ben850
    Anyone know why they list the iPhone 4 and 5 but not the 4s? This plan seems very attractive assuming they offer HSPA+ in my area.
  • nebun
    such stupidity
  • ta152h
    I'd consider it, but I don't want an iPhone, at all. Even if it were the best phone, which I think most people would agree it is not, the stigma of being an Apple Zombie would prevent me ever getting one of these phones.

    Much like I wouldn't wear a dress, I can't see myself getting an iPhone. It would involve self-loathing, sexual identity problems, lack of purpose in life, and possibly demonic possession. No thanks.

    Now, if it were $30 a month ...
  • stratplaya
    This is going to cause headaches for the big carriers. Straight talk will allow you to swap out SIM cards thus bypassing the need for a new phone.
  • sliem
    Get LG nexus4 and go with t-mobile $30/mo unlimited web.
    Only 100 minutes a mo but get groove ip pro ($5 one time fee) and it's free call using data.
    Total cost: $300 + tax + $5 (groove ip pro) and then $30 per month
    Cheaper than this.
  • whiteodian
    I have been using StraightTalk since August on my old iPhone 3GS. I love. They use either TMo or ATT towers in my area. Unlimited everything. Good service here. I picked up the Nexus 4 recently. Here is the run down. ATT phone $200 + $2160 (2 years service @ $89 a month, I think I was paying closer to $100) = $2360. Nexus 4 @ $400 (taxes and shipping) + $1080 (2 years service @ $45 a month) = $1480. The savings... $880. Sticking it to the big carries for their gouging... priceless.