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WB Games Admits Defeat On 'Batman: Arkham Knight,' Offers Refunds Again

It appears the rerelease of Batman: Arkham Knight a mere few days ago was the final death rattle of a resoundingly disappointing release from WB Games and Rocksteady, which are now once again offering full refunds for gamers still experiencing issues with the PC version of the final chapter of the Batman: Arkham franchise.

We recently took a final look at the game, benchmarking what was supposed to be a polished version of the Batman: Arkham finale. Unfortunately, our results indicated a performance hit at higher resolutions. The absence of promised SLI and Crossfire compatibility, combined with remaining performance issues and a 12 GB system memory recommendation for Windows 10 users, seemed to resemble the same day-one issues we reported on when the game first launched in June.

WB Games addressed the second-try failure in a post released on Halloween, which is fitting for this horror story of a PC game debut. In it, the company explained that dissatisfied customers can obtain a full refund on Batman: Arkham Knight for PC, regardless of how long they have played the title. The season pass can also be returned, but only in conjunction with the game, not separately.

WB Games once again encouraged gamers to stick around by promising to continue patching Batman: Arkham Knight. "For those of you that hold onto the game, we are going to continue to address the issues that we can fix and talk to you about the issues that we cannot fix."

Wait a minute, did WB Games just admit it cannot fix certain aspects of the PC version of the game? This concession, along with another round of refunds, signals an overwhelming defeat for the company. WB Games is in the running for worst PC game launch of all time with not just one, but two refund offers and a laundry list of lingering problems, some of which may be impossible (apparently) to iron out. This is arguably the saddest Batman ever.

Diehards who cling to the failed game will still be able to download all the previous Batman: Arkham titles, but many in our own community felt that was a slap to the face, as most fans who were looking forward to the last chapter already own the previous incarnations of the series.

Perhaps the only thing WB Games has done right here has been finally admitting that some things just won't (and can't) be fixed. Hopefully, this is a lesson for the company and other game developers on the merits of correctly porting console games to PC, and this will not become more of a trend than it already seems to be for PC versions of popular AAA game titles.

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