WD Celebrates 10 Years Of My Passport Ultra With Metallic Edition

Western Digital is having a celebration. Normally, this wouldn't be particularly interesting, but because this celebration results in a shiny new product, it does pique our interest. It's the 10th anniversary of the My Passport line of products, and to thank consumers for having bought these products continuously over the past decade, the company is releasing special Metal and Anniversary editions of the drives.

The My Passport Ultra Metal edition and the My Passport Ultra Anniversary edition are mostly the same except for the color options, as the former will be available in both silver and dark blue and the latter will be colored in gold and available only in limited quantities.

The drives will be available in 1 and 2 TB capacities, and both of the drives measure 110 x 80 mm but have different heights. The 1 TB model is 13.5 mm tall, whereas the 2 TB model is a little thicker at 18.8 mm.

All of the My Passport Ultra drives are powered via a USB 3.0 interface. Pricing for the 1 TB variant is set at $89.00, while the 2 TB model costs $139.00.

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  • eklipz330
    i like the blue one
  • Leamon
    Very attractive, but I don't think it calls for a $20 price increase...
  • dstarr3
    Very attractive, but I don't think it calls for a $20 price increase...

    I feel like that's just the MSRP. Once this start showing up on Amazon, I wouldn't be surprised if the price drops to what we're used to.