WD Unveils PCIe Hard Drives

This week, Western Digital revealed its first PCI Express hard drives at COMPUTEX in Taipei. WD's initial drive introduces the new SATA Express interface. With faster transfer speeds and reduced power consumption from these new drives, WD is leading the way once again.     

With PCI Express technology recently launched on the Intel Series 9 chipset motherboard platforms, many hard drive vendors are following suit and releasing their compatible drives. The benefits of SATA Express are the increased speeds not attainable from standard SATA interface. 

"WD has been at the forefront of SATA technology, and we see a vibrant growth path for adoption of the future SATA Express Roadmap," said Matt Rutledge, senior vice president, storage technology, WD. "SATA will remain a standard for many years in many applications, and for customers who want to discuss a future beyond vanilla SATA, WD is ready to plan the future with them."

Unfortunately, WD didn't offer us any pictures. Luckily, we're dropping by the booth this week, so we'll be sure to get some photos for you.

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    Interested to see how much performance boost these get. Are these a new thing?
  • Emerald
    Hardware manufacturer are switching drives from SATA to the new PCIe SATA Express standard
  • thundervore
    Nice. Now all WD marketing have to do is confuse the hell out of it customers with naming these drives.

    Its bad enough we have WD Black (enterprise), WD Green (low power), WD Blue (normal), and now WD Purple (DVR / Video survalance). Now SSD too.

    Toms really need to fix their comment system!!!!