Valve Gets a Team Fortress 2 Sentry Gun in Office

Anyone who has played some Team Fortress 2 will know all about the Sentry guns that the Engineers build. They can be an appreciated ally or a hated enemy, depending on your alignment.

While those sentry guns appear to be just works of imagination, the movie magic wizards at Weta Workshop make it their business to make imagination a reality. The folks at Valve visited Weta Workshop down under in New Zealand and they were impressed enough to commission them to make a real life representation of the Sentry gun.

Judging from the pictures and videos, it looks spot on. So, Weta, got a spare one for us?

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  • hellwig
    Valve visiting Weta? Seems we're getting ever closer to that Half-life movie.
  • SirGCal
    OMG! I so want one!!! Level 3 though please!!!
  • sliem
    Cool, does it track motion and makes bang bang noise?