Windows 7 Build 7070 Appears

Progress in Windows 7 is expected -- perhaps even demanded -- but we still take joy in seeing each new build of the upcoming operating system hit the internet.

The latest Windows 7 build number to make its way out is 7070, spotted on Facepunch forums as posted by someone who claims to be the son of a Microsoft SQL server division worker.

Nothing remarkably new was revealed in the few screenshots posted, but Ars Technica added to its report on that matter that it had heard that build 7070 could be under consideration to be the Release Candidate.

Last week Microsoft let slip out its Windows 7 Release Candidate download page for TechNet subscribers. The ‘leaked’ release notes for the supposed upcoming RC wore with it a “Published: May 2009” line.

Previous rumors picked April for the Release Candidate, but with the most solid information now saying May, it’s a little difficult to believe that a recent build will sit idle for more than a month before being released to testers.

There is also reported evidence of the existence of builds 7071 and 7072, though we haven’t seen the images of those floating around just yet. The road to Windows 7 continues.

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  • liemfukliang
    Here is what new in Windows 7 build 7068 Pre RC -->
  • mtyermom
    and here i just spend the evening downloading both x86 and x64 versions of build 7068...
  • skittle
    no kidding... spent an hour and a half getting 7068 :p