Wireless networks jump in popularity: survey

New York (NY) - More than one third of Internet users have connected to the Web via a wireless connection, according to a new survey that was released yesterday. That number, which includes Wi-Fi and mobile Internet access, marks a 50% increase from three years ago.

According to the survey, conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, the number of individual users with a wireless network in their home also grew significantly over the past couple years. Compared with January 2005, when only 10% of Web surfers had a wireless router, the new results showed that number jumped to 19%, nearly doubling in just 24 months.

The increasing popularity and accessibility of laptops was a notable trend, according to the survey. Of those with a wireless network and a laptop, 75% said they connect to the Internet from multiple areas of the house.

Mobile Internet appeared to be another big trend in the survey. The results showed that, of those who have Internet-ready phones, 54% have used their phone to go online. The percentage for PDA owners was about the same, with 56% saying that they have used their portable device to connect to the Internet.