Seagate Announces 512 GB, 2 TB Expansion Cards for Xbox Series X and S

Renders for the Seagate Storage Expansion Cards
(Image credit: Seagate/Microsoft)

Microsoft and Seagate today announced the addition of two more expansion capacities for the Xbox Series X/S expansion cards. Previously only available in a 1 TB capacity for $249/€249, the new products increase available storage options to 512 GB and 2 TB capacities - with the respective price differential.

The Seagate 512GB Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S is now available for pre-order through Walmart in the United States for $139.99, with a launch expected for mid-November. As for the 2 TB Expansion Card, it is expected in early December. Doubling the storage capacity from the 1 TB option luckily won't double the product's cost; instead, the price/storage ratio actually improves, with the 2 TB expansion settling for $399.99 (compared to the $249 for the 1 TB option). This particular option has also qualified for Microsoft's Designed for Xbox Limited Series badge, ensuring premium product quality, performance, and design.

Microsoft has taken a different approach to Sony when it comes to allowing users to customize their Xbox Series storage. Sony has only issued spec recommendations, allowing users to choose from a variety of SSDs (we're here to help you pick the best options) from various manufacturers - though it has also launched a PS5-specific SSD via the Nextorage brand. Microsoft is taking a more curated approach with Seagate, and is looking to set the bar on performance and useability expectations that match the Xbox Series X's Velocity Architecture. Microsoft also points out that features such as Quick Resume will still work for users installing their games on any sort of external storage option, such as the Seagate Expansion Cards, since the feature makes use of the Xbox Series' internal storage.

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  • drtweak
    why even bother with a 512? CoD alone could fill that up :tearsofjoy:
  • kal326
    Wait, the 1TB has been $219 forever. Is this a typo or a price increase on something already on the higher end for a 1TB PCIe drive?
  • epobirs
    drtweak said:
    why even bother with a 512? CoD alone could fill that up :tearsofjoy:
    It's probably expected to sell primarily to Series S owners, who only have 512GB from the internal SSD.

    Another consideration is that thanks to the external slot and hot swappable cards, an Xbox Series X/S owner can have as many cards as they see fit, including ones dedicated to single massive games. Expensive but the price can be expected to improve over the lifespan of the consoles. Particularly after Seagate is no longer the sole vendor of these items, which should be coming early next year.