Zalman Launches High-End CPU Cooler CNPS9900DF

Like the name suggests, the CNPS9900DF CPU cooler is utilizing Zalman's successful Computer Noise Prevention System (CNPS). The newest variation resembles the basic fin design of existing 9900 models, while taking cooling performance to the next level with an outer 120mm fan and inner 140mm fan. Additionally, both fans have blue LEDs and will produce no more than 27 DBA together.

Among the unique features are heat dissipation fins are designed in different directions, which helps achieve high cooling performance, while keeping the noise level down. The heatpipes are manufactured from a composite material that increase "heat transfer rate by 50 percent compared to ordinary heatpipes." The total heat dissipation area is 6,800 cm2.

With a size of 140 x 100 x 154 mm, the CNPS9900DF fits into mid-tower cases. The device weighs about 850 grams and the heatsink itself is constructed of nickel-plated copper. The manufacturer says that the device will cool CPUs up to a power of 300 watts.

Zalman said the cooler supports Intel sockets 2011, 1155/1156, 1366, 775, as well as AMD sockets FM1, AM3/AM3+, and AM2/AM2+.

The Zalman CNPS9900DF air cooler is has an expected price tag of around $89.99. For more information on whether the CNPS9900DF is compatible with your processor, visit the Zalman product page.

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  • Maxx_Power
    Zalman was different and at least innovated back in the days when Athlon ruled the roost. Now, Zalman is really not competitive any more. With the likes of Thermalright, Noctua and Prolimatech ruling the roost in air cooling, and others (all with the identical coolers more or less) in closed loop liquid cooling, the rest of the market composed of the likes of Hyper 212, True Spirit, etc, Zalman really doesn't fit anywhere...
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  • ikyung
    I've always heard Zalmans were pretty good coolers, but haven't used one yet. Would like to see the benchmarks for these, and if they are good for the price, I would definitely get one.
  • xkm1948
    Not very impressed with zalman, Used to have a cnps9700 on my old rig with q6600. It cant even keep it cool under stock speed. They do look pretty though.
  • aznguy0028
    xkm1948Not very impressed with zalman, Used to have a cnps9700 on my old rig with q6600. It cant even keep it cool under stock speed. They do look pretty though.

    Yea I agree for the most part. I have the CNPS 9700 too, and now the CNPS 11x. They are decent coolers but definitely not the best temperature wise. It's enough to keep your cpu at a good temp with a decent overclock but they are pricey. If you want the best performance for the price range, there are definitely better options out there. For me, it was the looks that made me want them but I don't think my next build will be using a Zalman, most likely a mini-itx build with a closed loop water cooler.