Core i9-14900KS listed with price tags up to 30% higher than Core i9-14900K

Intel's Core i9-14900KS CPU leaked.
Intel's Core i9-14900KS CPU leaked. (Image credit: pakhtunov)

Before launch, various overseas retailers (via momomo_us) listed Intel's upcoming Core i9-14900KS on their websites. The listings suggest that the new SKU's pricing could hover around $700, similar to the previous generation Core i9-13900KS.

Hong Kong retailer SE Computer has the Core i9-14900KS up for preorder for 28% more expensive than the Core i9-14900K. Singaporean retailer Carousell shows similar margins. Meanwhile, Canadian retailers Direct PC-Canada and DirectDial have listed the Core i9-14900KS with 16% and 19% higher price tags than the Core i9-14900K. PC21, a French retailer, posted the Core i9-14900KS with a 30% premium over the vanilla Core i9-14900K.

If we look at the listings, the prices vary between $709.69 and $890.59, depending on the region and the taxes. These new prices lend credence to the previous rumors that the Core i9-14900KS may have a similar MSRP of $699 as the Core i9-13900KS. The actual pricing is slightly higher than that of the retailers we've seen so far, but take into consideration the taxes, retailer profits, or miscellaneous costs.

The Core i9-14900KS will be the most expensive 14th Generation Raptor Lake Refresh CPU you can buy. Clock speed is the only difference between this new KS model and the standard Core i9-14900K. The Core i9-14900KS will reportedly come with a 6.2 GHz maximum turbo boost frequency, 200 MHz greater than the Core i9-14900K can sustain without overclocking.

Intel Core i9-14900KS Pricing

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RetailerCore i9-14900KCore i9-14900KSPrice Difference
SE Computer (Hong Kong)$552.40$709.6928%
Carousell (SIngapore)$621.72$794.2128%
DirectDial (Canada)$640.18$740.7116%
PC-Canada (Canada)$604.69$718.5319%
PC21 (France)$683.97$890.5930%

Unfortunately, that extra 200MHz will also come at the cost of high power consumption. In addition, that extra 200 MHz will also come at the cost of high power consumption. New reports have revealed that the Core i9-14900KS could feature a peak voltage of 1.5V and consume over 400W of power.

The KS models have always been Intel's halo models and have been priced accordingly. The KS models are aimed more towards enthusiasts than anyone else. Buyers looking for a value-oriented chip in this price range will opt for another CPU like the Core i9-14900K or Ryzen 9 7950X.

We shouldn't have to wait long for official pricing to be unveiled. Rumors suggest that the Intel Core i9-14900KS will launch next week on March 14.

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