Nvidia's technically Game Ready driver supports new RTX 4070 Super and Pokemon-esque survival game 'Palworld'

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Super
(Image credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia has published a new Game Ready driver — version 546.65 — aimed squarely at the just-launched RTX 4070 Super. The driver update adds full support for the new GPU, ensuring gamers will be able to use the RTX 4070 Super when they get their hands on it. The only other update in the new driver is game-ready support for Palworld, which enters early-access on Jan. 19.

The RTX 4070 Super officially launched today, Jan. 17, as part of Nvidia's RTX 40-series Super mid-cycle refresh (but reviews went live yesterday). The new GPU sports 18% more CUDA, RT, and Tensor cores than its vanilla counterpart, 48MB of L2 cache, and a 20W higher TBP (220W). Our review of the RTX 4070 Super Founders Edition shows a 16% speed improvement over the RTX 4070, which is pretty good considering the RTX 4070 Super has the same launch price ($599) as did the RTX 4070 (now $549). 

You can pick up the RTX 4070 Super today from a number of retailers in various flavors thanks to Nvidia's AIB partners. We've found that most cards are priced surprisingly close to MSRP, with most models — including Nvidia's all-black Founders Edition — costing $599. If you're looking for a high-end option, Asus' flagship RTX 4070 Super ROG Strix with factory overclock included will set you back $759.

The one and only game added to Nvidia's latest driver update is Palworld — which is an apparently much-anticipated multiplayer open-world survival monster-collecting game. The game is set in a world where "mysterious creatures," called "Pals," inhabit the land. Players can capture these creatures, raise them, fight with them (and fight them?), slaughter them for food, and even sell them. Each "Pal" has unique abilities and characteristics. 

If this sounds like Pokemon, well, a lot of the Pals look like their designs were heavily inspired by actual Pokemon. Except in Palworld, you can kill them... or arm them? It looks like a Pokemon-ARK mash-up. Anyway, Palworld enters early-access, with DLSS 2 upscaling, on Jan. 19.

Nvidia also added two very minor bug fixes in its new driver: one fixes a GeForce Experience 1-click optimization bug that wasn't working with version 2.1 of Cyberpunk 2077; the other fixes a bug that prevented displays from waking up on Maxwell GPUs after multiple sleep/wake attempts on the system.

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