Overclocking: Tom's Sets World Record

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  • chechnyan
    ohh my god how he could do that in the picture 11
    its insane
  • Acethechosenone
    Congrats Tom, a 5Ghz Q6600! Next step : Sponsorship from McDonald's ;)
  • JohnnyMash
    Nice job of hitting 5+GHz! While it is usually customary to go into huge amounts of detail when reporting a LN2 'dyno run', there is very little information and a couple too many shots of beaming tech-heads and them eating at Macca's, and general uninformative detail in system photos. Given that this is a 'world record', it was quite unspectacular.

    Give the camera to that balding dude next time!
  • outlw6669
    WTG Toms!
    That is a hell of an overclock!
  • caskachan
    ok so how many more pages do i have to skim trough to know the actual record?
  • fallen2004
    wow dats impressive, kinda a waste of time n money bt stil its fun
    Bt y use a P35 board wouldnt an X48 have been beter?
  • lucuis
    Damn that's impressive. I wish it had any real world application though.
  • 3Ball
    Very impressive guys. Grats!


  • randomizer
    So what was the record, highest Q6600 clockspeed?
  • jaragon13
    holy ****.
  • cmashwin
    Why is the CPU-Z showing only 2 cores and 2 threads?? Were the other 2 cores disabled?? If so, its not REALLY valid right?"
  • Noya
    Of course it's a non-USA Tom's...
  • truehighroller
    I hope this isn't a double post first off. They were all kids?? I should have been invited. I could have beat that score. I would love to become a hardware tester for companies.
  • martel80
    I would think that E7200 would beat Q6600 in overclock (if just GHz matters).
  • cah027
    Wonder how fast you could shrink a 2 hour dvd with that !
  • caamsa
    All that and no benchmarks............sigh...............
  • Shadow703793
    While the overclocking is done mostly under Windows, a properly adjusted BIOS is an advantage.

    :lol: You should NEVER OC through Windows.

    A full spec set (ie. RAM,etc) would also have been useful. One fact to note was that the motherboard was based on the P35 chipset.
  • LsRamAir
    Ummm, that isnt a Q6600 anymore once you deactivate half the cores. Its just a core 2 duo now, the real World Record needs to have cores 2 and 3 functioning... since they are less stable.
  • martin0642
    Well, since they were there and setup already it would have been nice if they tested a processor that was actually nice, like a 45nm dual-core part. Less complexity, an extreme edition that was bin sorted, and smaller fab might have resulted in a higher clock. Not that going from 2.4 to 5.1 on a quad isn't impressive in and of itself, it is, but since everyone was already dressed up you might as well do the full party.
  • physx7
    Wow... Will be interesting to know what kind of benchies that will get.

    Good article
  • badge
    Stable at over 5GHz and France didn't surrender?
  • physx7
    73281 said:
    So what was the record, highest Q6600 clockspeed?

    ''The Record: 5,112 MHz with a Core 2 Quad Q6600 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_Core_2 (2.4 GHz). That frequency was validated, but the team actually managed to attain 5,124 MHz (not validated).''
  • thurst0n
    That is CRAZY! Nice!
  • aevm
    Why do I need to click 20 images just to see what CPU, what motherboard, what frequency. And I still don't know anything about the RAM.

    I'd rather buy a second PC with a Q6600, instead of making all that mess and spending all those dollars on cute cooling solutions. The GF would kill me if I filled the room with machinery just to have a CPU at 5GHz instead of 3GHz.

    It's like that old story about NASA spending millions to develop a pen that writes in space, rather than just using a pencil.