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Overdrive Overclocking Finals: Day 1

MSI--We Wanna Try, Too!

Our sponsors from MSI set up their own system and tried their hands at overclocking, too.

FSP--More Powerful PSUs

Since the Everest 1010 PSU units weren't powerful enough for extremely overclocked GeForce GTX 280 cards due to unstable power on the 12 V rail (remember that the specified 1,000 W output are the total output), FSP brought modified units and some 1,200 W backup units. Clearly, the company takes the event very serious.

Kingston--Excellent Results With HyperX DIMMs

Kingston also sent two representatives to welcome our overclockers. There was no reason to complain, as everyone was very happy with the HyperX DDR3-2000+ DIMMs. Stephane from Kingston (left) took the opportunity to announce the new HyperX T1 DIMMs, which come with a larger heat spreader. The guy on the right is Florian Charpentier, our editor in chief for the French Tom's Hardware site.

Tom's Hardware, Hard At Work

Tom's Hardware's Overdrive Overclocking Championship would not work without Tom's Hardware staff. Florian Charpentier and Matthieu Lamelot from our Paris team took care of local organization and coverage.