Cardkeeper: Lock Down Those Cards

Supports All Card Types

Thanks to the great number of models supported by the Cardkeeper series, all graphics and PCI cards can be fixed securely in place in the case. The card manufacturer plays no role. Even the latest PCI Express models from Ati and Nvidia are even more securely fixed in the PC with the Cardkeeper. Graphics cards fitted with a passive cooling system remain firmly in the socket. And even low-profile cards, that mostly house TV tuners or sound hardware, are given a secure footing with the CK98-1222X and cannot slip out of the socket.

Knowing that your cards are snug and fit inside your PC is primarily of interest to LAN partygoers or anyone else who must schlep his or her gear around. The obligatory visual check after arriving is now a thing of the past if all cards remain locked in place with Cardkeeper.

No matter how high or long your cards are, all of them can be firmly anchored.

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Cardkeeper options and prices:
A= CK98-1222XL$3.99
B= CK98-1222X$3.99
C= CK98-1222L$3.99
D= CK98-1222M$3.50
E= CK98-1222$3.00
F= CK99-1224$3.50
G= CK98-1222S$3.49
H= CK03-1225$6.49

The latest versions of the CK99-1224 are available in color too.

Siggy Moersch
  • It is true, these cardkeepers do a good job of bolting down a large video card, better than without for sure. I had one on my nvidia 480. Had though is past tense. For shipping these are worth the 10$ or so if you have invensted in a multi-hundred dollar card. But for regular use, all they seem to do is block airflow. I removed mine and my card went down 10C on idle and FURMARK can't get the fanspeed to go over 85%. So I recommend removing them for everyday use if they block your cards fins or pipes.

    Hail Flavius!