Cardkeeper: Lock Down Those Cards


In a perfect world, you really wouldn't need Cardkeeper - that is, if motherboard makers had addressed the problem years ago. The good news is that the solution doesn't have to be expensive. Cardkeeper, which will keep your expensive graphics card tightly in its socket, costs just $7, or only $4 for a PCI card.

The investment is more than justified given that a new graphics card or a RAID controller is more than 100 times as expensive. But even inexpensive cards, such as a TV tuner or a LAN controller, can be securely anchored in the case with a $3 version of Cardkeeper.

Why isn't Cardkeeper included with every case or expensive graphics card as a free accessory? After all, if several thousand are bought, the purchase price will surely tumble to just a few cents for each one. And everyone who has lost a precious card because it was not securely fastened will surely appreciate Cardkeeper.

Practically all expansion card types can be secured with Cardkeeper

Siggy Moersch
  • It is true, these cardkeepers do a good job of bolting down a large video card, better than without for sure. I had one on my nvidia 480. Had though is past tense. For shipping these are worth the 10$ or so if you have invensted in a multi-hundred dollar card. But for regular use, all they seem to do is block airflow. I removed mine and my card went down 10C on idle and FURMARK can't get the fanspeed to go over 85%. So I recommend removing them for everyday use if they block your cards fins or pipes.

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