Cardkeeper: Lock Down Those Cards

Locking Down Your Cards

A Cardkeeper for Every Card

Many motherboard manufacturers already include a graphics card holder for the AGP and PCI Express socket. This is designed to prevent the card from slipping out of the slot after installation. But other manufacturers don't offer this safeguard against loose cards, which represent a major cause of PC malfunctions.

Also, motherboard makers haven't given much thought about fastening down PCI or ISA cards. No one has considered the possibility that these too could slip out of the socket, although they are fastened to the case by screws. That could not only result in damage to the card, but also to the motherboard when the PC is switched on again.

However, loose card problems are avoidable because Cardkeeper offers you the proper solution for just a few dollars.

Cardkeeper can be used with all case and motherboard sizes. There is even room for it to stop the cards slipping out their slots in a small form factor PC.

Long or wide graphics cards are held with two screws

Even low-profile cards can be firmly anchored with the Cardkeeper CK98-1222X

Siggy Moersch
  • It is true, these cardkeepers do a good job of bolting down a large video card, better than without for sure. I had one on my nvidia 480. Had though is past tense. For shipping these are worth the 10$ or so if you have invensted in a multi-hundred dollar card. But for regular use, all they seem to do is block airflow. I removed mine and my card went down 10C on idle and FURMARK can't get the fanspeed to go over 85%. So I recommend removing them for everyday use if they block your cards fins or pipes.

    Hail Flavius!