CES 2007: Need to port VHS to DVD or casettes to MP3?

Las Vegas (NV) - There's something to be said for a company called "Honest Technology" selling DVD burning software, but I digress even before I begin the story. If you're like me then you've probably got rid of most of your old VHS and casette collections; but there remains a large proportion of the population at large who, I'm told, continue to watch and listen to VHS and casettes because it's a waste of good money to buy everything again on DVD and CD.

Enter VHS to DVD 3.0 Deluxe Edition, which can create and archive any DVD/CD movie from a camcorder, VCR, or DVD player. It can also convert cassette tapes and LP records to MP3 files and audio CDs.

Videos and cassettes are recorded via a USB powered MY-VIDBOX, which comes in the package, and there is also editing software to cut scenes, add special effects and create a DVD style chapter menu.

Quality is obviously an issue, and while the program does come with tools for editing picture and sound quality, I'd say that if you have a well-worn VHS tape, then you could wind up with a few smudges on the DVD. While it might be more ideal to simply buy old movies on DVD, this product is good for old home movies and audio books in particular.