Creative Audigy 4 Pro: The Ultimate Consumer Sound Card?

Drivers And Software

There are no surprises here compared to other current Creative sound cards. The Audigy 4 also ships with the MediaSource suite, which can do just about anything with sound and sound files, even though the unit is intended more for leisure (essentially playback) than creative activities (recording). All the usual software modules Creative provides are included for playing, converting, and burning your musical selections. The only new item is the DVD-Audio player, whose interface has been modernized, while few changes have been made to its functions. The Creative System Information module is worth a look, however; it puts a lot of worthwhile data together in one place.

Creative's System Information module tells you everything about the software installed on your system.

The DVD-Audio player has a much nicer interface!

You can use playlists with DVD-Audio!

Managing playlists from the contents of the DVD is very simple.

MediaSource also lets you access the card's different settings. The main adjustment module is Audio Console, which has just about everything. It would have been better if Creative had avoided multiple occurrences of the same adjustment; perhaps this a preliminary stage to putting everything in one place?