Diablo III Performance, Benchmarked

CPU Benchmarks

Beyond graphics performance, we also need to consider the capabilities of today's platforms, too. Not everyone has an overclocked Core i7-3960X, which we use to stamp out bottlenecks, allowing our graphics cards to achieve their peak potential.

To that end, we benchmarked Core i5, Phenom II X4, and FX-4000-series quad-core processors at varying clock speeds in order to see what kind of processor power Diablo III needs.

At the highest detail settings with AA enabled, even a 2 GHz Phenom II X4 achieves 80 FPS minimum. Clearly, the game doesn’t need an incredibly potent CPU.

Frame rates stay high, despite a small difference between two and four threads. With a Phenom II X2 able to pump out 76 FPS(minimum), Diablo III players have little to worry about when it comes to owning a fast-enough processor.

  • dodger_nzl
    Nice to see my GF460 should play it at max settings.
  • Formata
    Oh yes... The epic armageddon of all click-fest's is upon us! In 6 months time I'll bench 100kg with my index finger.
  • Murissokah
    So the CPU won't keep us from enjoying the game... nor the GPU... only the calendar then.
  • sharpiedpanda
    The calendar and your finger stamina :p
  • JoeMomma
    i'm luvin it!
  • trace_87
    "Like the originals, the isometric view remains locked in place, and zooming in is not an option."

    Push Z
  • cinergy
    HD7870 is on par with GTX580! Now I understand why he didn't even take HD7970 into test. That would have been too embarrassing for nvidia.
  • borden5
    Note that amd 12.4 artifacts doesn't only apply for Diablo 3 alone I got artifact in any game with my 3650 so I have to revert to 12.3
  • so can anyone recommend a good laptop that can play this no lag for under 800?
  • Darkerson
    I had a lot of fun with it in the beta. I still cant say Im going to be a fan of the RMT Auction House, but other then that, its a fun game. Between this and Guild Wars 2, Im gonna have a very unproductive summer :D