Diablo III Performance, Benchmarked

Image Quality And Settings

As far as graphics quality goes, there are six settings to adjust: texture quality, shadow quality, physics, clutter density, anti-aliasing, and a low-FX option.

With anti-aliasing enabled and textures set to the high setting, we captured an animated GIF that demonstrates the remaining settings when set to their lowest and highest options:

There’s really very little difference between the two screen shots. And frankly, the only thing you might notice when you switch back and forth is the lack of shadows at low settings.

Closer inspection reveals a difference in the clutter on the ground, though. Also, there are some items that can’t be captured in a screen shot, such as the impact of a better physics setting.

The point is that if you don’t have the graphics power to push the highest levels of fidelity in Diablo III, you’re not missing much at the game's minimum settings.

  • dodger_nzl
    Nice to see my GF460 should play it at max settings.
  • Formata
    Oh yes... The epic armageddon of all click-fest's is upon us! In 6 months time I'll bench 100kg with my index finger.
  • Murissokah
    So the CPU won't keep us from enjoying the game... nor the GPU... only the calendar then.
  • sharpiedpanda
    The calendar and your finger stamina :p
  • JoeMomma
    i'm luvin it!
  • trace_87
    "Like the originals, the isometric view remains locked in place, and zooming in is not an option."

    Push Z
  • cinergy
    HD7870 is on par with GTX580! Now I understand why he didn't even take HD7970 into test. That would have been too embarrassing for nvidia.
  • borden5
    Note that amd 12.4 artifacts doesn't only apply for Diablo 3 alone I got artifact in any game with my 3650 so I have to revert to 12.3
  • so can anyone recommend a good laptop that can play this no lag for under 800?
  • Darkerson
    I had a lot of fun with it in the beta. I still cant say Im going to be a fan of the RMT Auction House, but other then that, its a fun game. Between this and Guild Wars 2, Im gonna have a very unproductive summer :D