Team Group Night Hawk 16GB DDR4-3000 Dual-Channel Memory Kit Review

The Night Hawk line brings LED lighting to Team Group’s T-Force DDR4 series. Is its 16GB, DDR4-3000, CAS 16 kit a good value for both performance and lighting enthusiasts?

Available at 2666, 2800, 3000, and 3200 MHz data rates, Team Group’s T-Force Nighthawk series brings LED lighting at moderate cost to buyers who want both performance and bling. The part numbers are easily deciphered once you’re told that the third letter represents lighting color. We received the red version, THRD416G3000HC16CDC01, and the same modules are available with blue LEDs as part number THBD416G3000HC16CDC01, or white LEDs as part number THWD416G3000HC16CDC01. Following the order within those part numbers, all three kits are DDR4, 16GB, with a 3000 MHz data rate, CAS 16 rating, designed for Dual-Channel operation. (Editor: There will be a test on this later.)

The lighting isn’t particularly bright, but it does show up better when viewed straight-on. The light diffusers on top for example appear more brightly-lit when viewed from that angle. The lighting cycles on and off in a breathing pattern that further dims its appearance in photographs.

As with all DDR4-3000, getting to the rated data rate requires the installer to enable their motherboard’s XMP capability. Prior to doing that, motherboards detect these as JEDEC-standard DDR4-2133 CAS 15.

Like the two other 16GB dual-channel kits used for performance comparison, T-Force Nighthawk DDR4-3000 carries a manufacturer lifetime warranty.

Comparison Products

Gigabyte’s Z170X-Gaming G1 set the high mark for DDR4 overclocking in our Z170 review series, and remains the motherboard of choice as we search for its successor. The eventual successor will bring with it a new set of support hardware and software.

Test System Configuration

Benchmark Configuration

Autodesk 3ds Max 2013

Version 15.0 x64: Space Flyby Mentalray, 248 Frames, 1440x1080


Version 5.0: THG-Workload (1.3 GB) to RAR, command line switches "winrar a -r -m3"

Grid 2

Steam Version, In-Game Test, High Quality, No AA

Battlefield 4

DirectX 11, 100-sec. Fraps "Tashgar", High Quality

SiSoftware Sandra

Version 2014.02.20.10, Memory Bandwidth, Cache & Memory Latency Benchmarks

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