Acer's next Predator is a €1,299 electric scooter

Man wearing a helmet rides an Acer Predator scooter on snowy terrain.
(Image credit: Acer)

Acer's Predator brand is primarily known for high-end gaming hardware offerings, but one day soon Acer Predator may also be known for electric scooters.

Ace's new electric scooter, the Predator Extreme PES017, to its lineup alongside the rest of its high-end gaming hardware. This also marks the creation of a new "Predator eMobility" category on Acer's UK website, which currently only includes the new eScooter.

In terms of actual features on offer, the upcoming Acer Predator Extreme actually seems like it should satisfy many needs. This includes all-terrain compatibility, a maximum rated speed of up to 32 kilometers (roughly ~19 miles) per hour, and even IPX5 water resistance.

In a press release, Acer stated that the scooter will be sold in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) market starting at €1,299 (EUR) in Q2.

But this Acer Predator eScooter news may not be surprising as you think. PC hardware manufacturers usually gravitate toward their strengths, but sometimes they will simply choose to experiment for fun and/or profit. For example, AMD officially entered the bike market not long after Nvidia's RTX 30 Series announcement. More recently, we also saw plenty of interesting experiments at CES 2024— including a retro-futuristic Hi-Fi jukebox from LG.

And Acer in particular has an existing mobility business outside of the United States, though this is the first Predator entry. Acer also does digital signage, air purifiers, and other electronics other than computers in certain markets.

Should this be the beginning of a long line of competitive eScooters, Acer has certainly picked an interesting way to enter the market. By adopting the same branding for its eScooters that it does for its gaming hardware, the eScooter moves yet further away from the student and professional audiences it's most likely intended for. And of course, eScooters just aren't gaming hardware in the way that nearly every other Acer Predator product is— apparently now, Predator is for more than just gaming at Acer.

Christopher Harper
Contributing Writer

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  • Colif
    funny if a shop accidentally ordered a stack of these instead of gaming laptops
  • Findecanor
    The name "Predator Extreme" is not funny, considering how many people that have been injured or killed by hit-and-run "accidents" with scooters.
    Not to mention how many people that have been injured from falling off them.

    Small wheels and high centre of gravity is a dangerous combinations.
    More suspension and standing upright leads to the rider not getting a feel for the bumps in the road or the speed they are going in the same way as with a bicycle.
    And, as a derivative of the kick-bike, it is seen as something that belongs on a pedestrian walkway, when it very much isn't.

    RIP Lisa Banes
  • NeonHD
    32km/h is not too impressive, would've loved to see at least 45km/h considering its all-terrain build.

    Certainly cannot beat any vsett e-scooter.