Intel launching new AI starter app for dummies — AI Playground will leverage Intel Arc GPUs

AI Playground promotional banner
(Image credit: Intel)

Intel has announced a brand-new tool that seeks to onboard AI newbies into a generative AI workflow powered by Intel GPU power in Intel Core Ultra processors or Arc dedicated graphics. AI Playground is expected to release sometime this summer as a free download.

AI Playground markets itself as an easy-to-use starter tool for those who haven't yet played around with generative AI. No command line prompts or scripts needed here,  just an all-in-one program that does the heavy lifting for you. Photo generation, prompt-based image editing, and a local chat LLM are the three features coming to Playground at launch. The limited feature set is by design, according to Intel, which sought to make a "starter app" which can be a first stepping stone into deeper tools.

Image generation is heavily simplified from more in-depth AI image tools, hiding sliders with confusing names like "LoRAs" or "Schedulers" from users. Simpler and more recognizable sliders such as "quality" or "resolution" will be the brushes of the starter user, with a manual mode that allows intermediate users to get deeper into the weeds. Image editing is similarly simple; upscale, fix, fill, repair, or extend images with a simple click. 

The "Answer" chatbot also seeks to offer ChatGPT-like services. Intel's video demo didn't exactly stretch Answer to its limits, receiving an incorrect "haiku" and getting it to identify a Monty Python quote. Answer's real potential lies in its ability to train off of and give answers based on your local text files — which provides inherent security advantages over ChatGPT, as Answer lives offline. Nvidia's ChatRTX competitor can also help feed off of your personal data when requested, but lacks a built-in image generator like AI Playground.

With just about every new laptop or computer announced in 2024 branding itself as an "AI PC", many wonder what AI features they are expected to take advantage of. Microsoft's new Copilot+ PC line promises features of its own, but Intel will seek to offer AI features to a slightly broader user base. With Lunar Lake coming soon with exciting new innovations on every inch of board space, and Battlemage graphics due this year, Intel consumers will have lots of potent AI power in their laps... and a great introductory tool to funnel it into.

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    Certainly better than what the average user has now.
  • TechyIT223
    Poorly written article. This author can't clearly explain the concept clearly.

    Few things needed to be clarified more in a much simpler way. I had to check and read other websites to get a more clear gist of this app.

    Not trying to be sound rude here, but Tom's journalism has surely reached a low point these days.