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Tom's Guide: Tips to Reduce Android Data Consumption

Smartphones are a godsend most of the time, offering you everything from transit times, to maps, to weather, as well as email, social networking and browsing. Still, all of these activities can be pretty hard on your data allowance. Unless you have an unlimited data cap from your cell phone provider, you're going to have to watch your activities outside of WiFi zones. The Tom's Guide team has put together a list of tips and apps to help keep data consumption in control. Head over to 'Tips to Reduce Android Data Consumption' for the full list!

Low-priced, budget data plans can offer a fairly cheap way to get internet access, but they also mean penny-pinching users have to keep an eye on their data usage. Nobody likes having to deal with bill shock, so here are a few tips and helpful tools for reducing your data usage on Android devices. Happy browsing!Tips to Reduce Android Data Consumption

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