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EA Getting Mac Friendly with Origin, Sim City

With Windows still being the preferred platform of choice when talking about PCs in the gaming industry, it's nice to see Mac users getting a little bit of love every so often.

At Gamescom this year, EA showed that it wasn't going to be leaving the Mac platform out in the cold. The publisher announced that Origin, EA's digital distribution service, whether you wanted it to or not, would be coming to Mac, Facebook, Android, and Smart TV. Yes, this means you can anticipate plenty of free-to-play and casual games blitzing Origin, courtesy of EA.

Along with the announcement came a press release announcing that the new SimCity reboot would be launching for Mac in February 2013 with the Windows release. In order for Mac users to buy and play the game, they'll be forced to download and install Origin, which is conveniently going to be available by that time.

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