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EA Shows Off Q4 Financials, SimCity Sells 1.6 Million Units

Looking at SimCity's disastrous launch, one wouldn't expect EA to be having a great year. But according to EA's fourth fiscal quarter financial reports, the publisher is doing just fine. SimCity managed to pull off a respectable 1.6 million in sales, despite negative reviews and poor reception to the game's online-always gameplay. Battlefield 3 Premium generated over $120 million in revenue in March alone, and has raked in 3.5 million subscriptions. FIFA '13 was also a great success, as it sold over 14.5 million units, a 30% increase over FIFA '12.

EA's non-GAAP total revenue for Q4 was $1.04 billion, up from last fiscal year's $977 million. EA's GAAP total revenue was $1.209 billion, down from FY 2012's $1.368 billion.

EA's financial figures also reveal how much more reliant on digital sales the company's becoming. GAAP Digital Net Revenue was $453 million, up from last fiscal year's $412 million.

All in all, EA's fiscal year 2013 marked a drop in revenue compared to last year. GAAP Net Revenue was $3.797 billion, compared to last year's $4.143 billion.

EA's financials show that the company's on pretty solid footing. The company didn't neglect to mention its Disney deal to create Star Wars games, although no fruit will come of it until after March 2014, the end of EA's next fiscal year.