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1.8-inch Flash SSDs with MicroSATA Interface

Supertalent has had 2.5“ Flash SSD based on the Serial ATA interface for a while. Its consumer models, the MasterDrive MX SSD family, delivers up to 120 MB/s read performance and up to 40 MB/s write performance according to Supertalent. This is due to the MLC flash cells that are being used. While multi-level cell flash stores two or more bits per cell, it offers higher storage densities and is more cost effective. The downside is a somewhat reduced write performance, which Supertalent believes most users can live with. We tend to agree, but only for the majority of desktop and office applications.

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The Computex news is the 1.8” Flash SSD. It doesn’t carry a special name, as Supertalent just refers to it as the Solid State Drive with MicroSATA connector. As opposed to the common standard SATA connectors, MicroSATA is simply a reduced-size version. However, it is electrically equal. Supertalent plans to ship 4 GB to 32 GB right away, with higher capacity points on the horizon.