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Foremay Claims 'World's First' 2TB 2.5-inch SSD

SSD storage is slowly become more and more affordable. With prices now at around a dollar per GB, these drives have long since moved beyond small boot drives. Still, while it's not unusual for a new PC to come with 256GB of SSD storage, the format hasn't yet hit the point where capacities as large as 1TB are a dime a dozen. This week, Foremay is claiming the first 2.5-inch 2TB SSD.

Almost two years after the launch of its 1TB 2.5-inch SSD, Foremay has announced the launch of its 2TB capacity model. The 2.5-inch SATA drive is just 9.5mm thick and is available under the company's consumer brand as well as its industrial line of drives.

"By leveraging Foremay's patent pending technologies, we are proud to deliver the world's first 2TB SSD in standard 2.5" SATA form factor," said Jack Winters , Foremay's CTO and co-founder. "We hope our high reliability 2 TB SSD drives can help create more design freedom and storage space for both mission-critical and enterprise applications."

No details on price or availability (or performance) but we'll keep you posted on that one. No doubt the price will be a 'first-born-plus-arm-and-leg' affair, anyway.

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