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HTC One Launch Video: ''Everything Your Phone Isn't''

The Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has always been a competitor in the smartphone market, but has always fallen short compared to their competitors for a simple reason. While Apple invests almost a full percentage of their budget into marketing, HTC has a marketing budget equivalent to loose change found in the wash. However, HTC appears to have a new strategy in selling their phones... well, kind of.

In collaboration with Funny or Die, HTC has made a comedy promotional video for the HTC One. Shortly after its release, the video was subsequently removed from the site, although it is not clear whether this was planned or was a panicked reaction from HTC. Unfortunately for the company, the Internet is not the safest place to leak videos, so naturally there are probably half a million copies on YouTube alone.

While we will allow you to be the judge of whether the video classifies as funny, desperate or down right bad, we can say that it is a spoof of 'The Bachelorette,' hosted by Dawson Leery. The leading lady has to decide on her new phone, with the HTC One being put against other "phones" (guys in costumes). The skit even goes so far as to say that the HTC is "Everything your phone isn't," but we will let you be the judge of that as well. 

Edit:As the video is in the process of being purged from the main sources, we can only show you some screenshot, and hope you can find a copy yourselves.

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