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Quad-Core Intel Atom CPUs Coming in 2013

In a slide leaked by ComputerBase, we see the first rumors of quad-core based Atom processors that is set to be released in 2013. This is on the heals of the release on the new Cedar Trail processors in 2012, fitting in with the announcement made by Intel in May 2011, when Intel said it would release three major updates for the Atom family of products over the following 36 months.

Saltwell will be the first new batch of CPUs, based on the 32nm manufacturing process technology and due out in 2012. It will be followed by a generation codenamed Silvermont, powered itself by the 22nm/tri-gate fabrication process. The third chip generation will bear the name of Airmont and will utilize the 14nm process. This would put the quad-core Atom as either a late Saltwell or an early Silvermont processor, based on Intel's roadmap.

Image Leaked by ComputerBase

With four cores, a new memory controller and probably new graphics adapter, Intel will be able to address with the Atom processors the higher-end mobile systems. With the recent creation of Intel's mobile and communications group (MCG) division, it seems likely that this will help Intel address brand new consumer electronics markets with its Atom processors.