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Kickstarter GameStick Taken Down Briefly Due to IP Dispute

The portable Android-based console GameStick turned quite a few heads by doubling its $100K goal within a matter of days. Offering a prototype that's no bigger than a flash drive, GameStick allows for a compact, no-fuss gaming experience off of a TV equipped with a HDMI.

Unfortunately, GameStick's page was temporarily removed from Kickstarter due to unspecified "intellectual property" infringement.

PlayJam was quick to allay fears via the GameStick Facebook, explaining that the IP infringement was not with the console itself, as is often the concern with Kickstarter projects. Instead, it appears that PlayJam got into trouble over a video that it posted in its pitch, which contained footage of a game that the hardware developers did not have the rights to.

Kickstarter has since then restored the GameStick's page after PlayJam made some quick edits and the offending footage was removed.

Currently, GameStick sits at over $300K pledged, with 20 days left to go.

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