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PCs to Get PlayStation Move via 'Move Server'

We’ve heard about the possibility of Move being used with PCs in the past. However, it seems Sony is serious about bringing its motion-sensing peripheral to computers, as a leaked synopsis for a panel set to take place at Game Develops Conference later this month betrays that the company will be making a little announcement for developers.

The description of the panel, which is called ‘Update on PlayStation Move’ reveals Sony plans to speak about a little something called “Move Server.”

“This talk will bring developers up to speed on developing for the PlayStation Move controller. We will cover developing for the new PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter accessory,” the comment reads. “We will discuss the new Move Server project that will make it possible for academics and hobbyists to develop software using the PlayStation Move controller on their own PCs.”

Nothing else in the way of information, but GDC kicks off on February 28, so there really isn’t long to wait.