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VIDEO: Qualcomm Tests S4's Thermal Efficiency with Butter

Snapdragon's S4 SoC is a powerful piece of technology. However, while most of the S4 focuses on the chip's 28nm process or its future powering Windows 8 devices, Qualcomm is out to show off a different aspect of the SoC with its latest video proving the thermal efficiency of the S4.

To demonstrate how its product stands up against rival solutions, the company took three phones, one based on the Snapdragon S4 and two more mystery devices labeled only as 'Competitor A' and 'Competitor B.' Using a thermal camera to measure the thermal footprint that the three phones leave during peak performance, Qualcomm displayed the results on the following heatmap:


Still, why look at a heatmap when you can perform a similar test using butter? Its heatmap demonstration complete, Qualcomm placed big chunks of butter on each device. You don't need to be a scientist to figure out what happened next.

"Butter melts at 35 degrees Celsius," said Qualcomm's Vidyasagar Rao, later adding that the phone heating up the most was hitting 55 degrees Celsius. Yikes. Check the video to see the buttery action for yourself. [Ed. note: Now all we need to do is conduct the same test to pop some popcorn!]

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