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World's First Tablet That Can Grow Lumpy Keys Revealed

The world's first tablet with a morphing tactile touchscreen keyboard has been revealed, as seen in the video above from the BBC.

During CES 2013, Tactus Technology showcased touchscreen technology that can change its surface. The firm showcased a tablet that enables a tactile keyboard emerging from beneath the screen, with the bumps appearing over the letters on a device's virtual keyboard disappearing when it's no longer in use.

The technology is undoubtedly impressive; it's now possible to combine the pivotal components of smartphones, tablets and laptops via a physical interface. By bringing touchscreens new life by enabling real buttons that rise up from a screen's surface which can disappear back into the screen, it's refreshing to see technology that can genuinely change the future of the industry's myriad of boring, similar tablets and smartphones.

The 'Tactus Morphing Tactile' is currently available for tablets, with California-based Tactus hoping companies including Samsung, Sony and Motorola incorporate the lumpy keyboard into their current designs. It is, however, looking to implement bumpy keyboards into smartphones as well.

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