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Transcend's New USB Drive Offers Antivirus

On Sunday, Transcend announced that it teamed up with Trend Micro, Inc. to offer the latter company's antivirus software--Trend Micro USB Security--preloaded on the new JetFlash V15 series of USB flash drives. The combination ensures end users that they can share, store, and manage files on the drive without having to worry about viruses, malware, and other security threats.

On the hardware side, the USB drives come in four capacities: 16 GB, 8 GB, 4 GB, and 2 GB. Transcend said that the 16 GB version provides read speeds up to 32 MB/s and write speeds up to 16 MB/s, however all models are capless and feature a retractable USB connector with lock-switch, protecting the drive from damage during travel.

As for the antivirus software, Trend Micro USB Security comes with a 90-day trial and immediately loads when the drive is inserted into a USB port. When connected to a PC with Internet access, the software will download and install the latest security updates directly onto the drive.

Currently the JetFlash V15 drives aren't showing up on Newegg and Amazon, however they're available directly from Transcend online here, costing consumers $12.70 (2 GB), $14.30 (4 GB), $23.40 (8 GB), and $43.20 (16 GB).