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Ubuntu to Launch on Galaxy Nexus in February

Canonical, the company responsible for the Linux-based Ubuntu operating system, said the platform's mobile OS will make its debut on smartphones via Samsung's Galaxy Nexus handset.

Canonical Engineering Manager Alan Pope said during CES that that the firm is aiming to launch a downloadable image of Ubuntu for the Galaxy Nexus during the latter stages of February, 2013.

The company, which unveiled the mobile platform prior to CES 2013, built the mobile OS for use on Android's drivers and kernals, consequently allowing existing Android devices to integrate Ubuntu.

Ubuntu for smartphones will launch initially for the Galaxy Nexus, which is the device Canonical has been using as its primary test and demo unit thus far.

However, features including voice control and an app store are apparently set to be missing from the initial release, with the apps which are available said to have limited functionality.

Stay tuned for a hands-on from CES.

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