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HP Dubs Reports of WebOS Shutdown 'Unfounded Rumors'

Ever since HP killed off the TouchPad and Pre line of smartphones, the company has been facing rumors that WebOS is on the chopping block. too. The latest reports say the company will decide the fate of webOS in November, however, the company has been rumored to be mulling a decision on webOS for the last few weeks.

This past weekend, HP attempted to put any rumors regarding a webOS shutdown to bed. Executive Vice President Todd Bradley spoke to Bloomberg on Saturday about the company's plans for its personal systems group. HP just last week decided that it would not be spinning off or selling its PSG unit following weeks of speculation as to what the company would do with that part of its business. During the interview, Emily Chang asked Bradley about webOS.

"I think tablets, and specifically WebOS, have very unique capabilities," Bradley responded. "You know, what we did was stop making WebOS tablets. We're continuing to invest in WebOS software -- in fact last week we refreshed with an update of that software for the over one million users that have WebOS products today. So our next focus now that we've resolved the question surrounding the PC business is to determine how we'll best utilize WebOS and the great software assets that we have."

When asked directly what we should make of reports that HP is considering shutting webOS down completely, Bradley said there was no truth to the reports:

"I think you should make of [the report of a WebOS shutdown] as an unfounded rumor. Our focus with WebOS is how we effectively utilize that phenomenal software and that phenomenal talent we have in that piece of our business."

HP CEO Meg Whitman said last week that the company will make a decision on webOS within the next couple of months. Bradley says when it comes to the future of the operating system, he's determined to gather all the appropriate information and data to ensure the company makes the right decision.

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