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Acer Liquid Jade Primo Dock, Quick Look

We got a quick look at the Acer Liquid Jade Primo and its still-in-development dock at CES.

The dock is coming, although apparently Acer is still adding the final touches. Most notably, it uses an HDMI port to connect with the monitor, which seems an odd choice, and indeed an Acer rep said that the final version will probably have a USB Type-C connector instead.

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As you can see, the dock has three USB ports (one USB 3.0 on one side, two USB 2.0 on the other), as well as a power port and the aforementioned HDMI port.

Although Acer has backed off on its intentions to release the Liquid Jade Primo with a spate of peripherals, a rep told us that it’s still possible that the phone may yet ship with an optional monitor bundle.

That’s not a terrible strategy. The monitor the team had on display with the Primo is the H277HU, Acer’s first USB Type-C monitor (which looks lovely in person, with a silver chassis, thin black bezel, and an attractive circular silver stand.) A monitor, dock and smartphone bundle is probably sufficient, as both home and business users likely already have preferred mice and keyboards, and cramming five items into one package may be overkill. Further, Acer doesn’t really have a nice desktop keyboard/mouse combo, so it would either have to build a set or partner with another company on a peripherals bundle.

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As for the phone itself, I was surprised at how easy it was to use. Despite the large size (5.5 inches), I found that could reach all the parts of the screen with my thumb easily. Typically, I struggle to thumb-navigate any smartphone over about 4.7 inches one-handed, but Acer balanced the thinness and weight balance of the Liquid Jade Primo, and it worked well for me.

To pair the phone with the monitor, there’s a tap-to-connect option that pops up when you dock it.

Acer did not reveal when the dock would be shipping, nor what price it might command.

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