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AMD Had a Chance to Get Llano Into Apple's Macbook Air

However, the relationship between Intel and Apple may not be as loyal as it seems on the outside as there is now a report that suggests that Apple may have considered using AMD processors for its current generation of MacBooks.

According to AMD employees quoted by Forbes, Apple was interested in AMD's Llano APUs, but the production issues at GlobalFoundries apparently killed a possible deal. Apparently, AMD was not able to supply samples of Llano on time. Forbes quotes one employee saying, “We had it. But the yields didn’t come in.”

However, the opinions why AMD lost the opportunity and how close it actually came to striking a deal with Apple are still unclear. AMD declined to comment on the report when we contacted them today.

Unfortunately, these opportunities do not along often. The Forbes article stated that Apple rejected a pitch that it could use Brazos processors for its Apple TV box. The scenario is reminiscent of persistent rumors in the early 2000s that Dell might be considering AMD processors for its computers to create a strategic counterweight in its processor price negotiations with Intel. Dell announced in May 2006 that it would begin offering its PCs with AMD processors, which came at a time when AMD had a technology advantage over Intel and was able to guarantee enough production volume to meet Dell's volume requirements.

Had AMD been able to make that same guarantee with Llano, there is chance that we would be seeing MacBook Airs with AMD processors today, at least if the Forbes report is to be believed.

  • outlw6669
    Well, damn.
    That was an opportunity wasted and lost :/
  • esrever
    Wasn't this well known?
  • livebriand
    Dang... that would've been cool!
  • TheApocalypse
    No use fretting on opportunities missed just as long as they keep an eye on the future and do better next time.
  • 11796pcs
    Good, I can continue using AMD processors and drinking the cool-aid of supposed superiority over Intel.
  • omega21xx
    This is the second article i've read today that was news months ago... I only come here and one other place for news so it's weird that i've heard these things already...
  • omega21xx
    11796pcsGood, I can continue using AMD processors and drinking the cool-aid of supposed superiority over Intel.Or the thought by the majority of the tech community that Apple uses under powered hardware for what you pay :lol: Apple didn't plan to do this for performance reasons but because they like to line their pockets with cash, as I assume AMD offered a better price per chip than intel.

    That aside it would have been nice as I do want AMD to start becoming a bigger competitor.
  • de5_Roy
    thanks glofo for ruining yet another oppportunity for amd.
    amd could have been up there with the elites!
    hopefully amd gets through to apple with trinity which seems to be a big improvement over llano.
  • if theres a company who can fully take advantage of AMD processors usage to the max, its Apple. Shame it didnt happen tho.
  • Device Unknown
    It seems every time i turn around there is some sort of issue with Global Foundries. Time to ditch their ass and find another company that can man up.