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Kim Dotcom Flaunts New Mega Servers: 720 TB Per Rack

Scheduled for a launch on January 19, 2013, Dotcom pictured "one of many [server] racks with many servers" and stated that one rack will be able to store 720 TB of data. He did not say how many racks Mega will get, but hinted that "one rack per day" will be installed.

If Dotcom's estimate that Mega will attract 20 PB of data per month is accurate, and Mega, in fact, has only covered the startup cost of the service, then it would be  reasonable to assume that Mega will be launching with at least 15 racks to start.

Nearly a year ago Dotcom's home was raided in January 2012. Back then, Dotcom lost access to 1,103 servers with 25 PB of data. While there is no decision yet whether he will be  extradited to the U.S. - a court just delayed the decision at least until September 6, 2013 - Dotcom is not shy about flaunting his comeback to the Internet arena with a service that is promised to encrypt data directly in the web browser, and enable users to upload multiple files in parallel.

The current website of the future service still states that Dotcom is looking for hosting partners, API partners, as well as investors.

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