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Judge Says Rambus Destroyed Evidence, But Patents Valid

The ruling is particularly spicy since Hynix had already been ordered to pay $397 million to Rambus for infringing its DDR SDRAM and SDR SDRAM patents.

There is a chance that this number will be reduced as a result of the new finding, even if a judge noted that Rambus did not deliberately shred the documents. Both firms were ordered to submit proposals on "reasonable and non-discriminatory" royalties that Hynix should pay Rambus. Needless to mention, Hynix welcomed the ruling and stated that it now feels that it should pay Rambus "considerably less" than what was agreed on before.

To the fortunes of Rambus, the judge also confirmed that Hynix infringed the company's patents and that the patents in question are valid. Rambus' stock gained $0.84 or 17 percent in Monday trading.

Rambus originally had filed the lawsuit against Hynix in August of 2000.

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