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450 Watts For Real Men: Cooler Master Real Power RS-450-ACLY

Meager: The Number Of Serial ATA Ports

Several cables are routed from the power supply, all which are 80 cm. Two are based on the ATX-12V standard (version 2), and the motherboard connector has 24 pins. An adapter included in the package ensures that the power supply is compatible with all ATX motherboards with 20-pin slot. The four cables (which are equipped differently) provide the power for the hard drives. However, there are just two peripheral connectors for Serial ATA drives. The Molex connectors for peripherals - such as graphics cards or drives - are azure blue and feature plastic clips on the sides. Later on, these clips simplify the process of pulling the Molex connector from the drives. While some force was required in the old days, these days it all comes down to technique. The clips can be pressed together with practically no effort, and the peripheral plug slides away from the drives almost on its own.

Power supply for the motherboard

Compatible with all motherboards: an adapter makes it all possible

Power for the drives, including Serial ATA plugs

Peripheral connectors with ears?

Just press it together, and the connectors will almost slide out on its own