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CPU Stress Test: We "Stress Out" AMD and Intel

UPDATE: Pressrelease From MaxPoint (Tagan)

Failure Of Pre-Production Item Of TG480-U22 Within THG Stress-out Test For The Intel System

The results of our revisal of the defective Tagan TG480-U22, which failed within THG Stress-out tests by the Intel system are the following:

The Tagan TG480-U22 power supplies, which we have given to Tom's Hardware Guide for the live-stress-out test between Intel and AMD systems, have been pre-production items. We are glad to detect that something needed to be enhanced before we have started the mass production of the new generation of Tagan Power Supplies.

Within a close examination of the components we figured out that only one transistor - Q1 was defective and the Schottky diode - D30 on the secondary Heat Sink was defective too, moreover the fix screw of this D30 on the Heat Sink was slightly loose. The other components like transistor - Q2, fuse and +5VsB output were all in good condition.

From the defective components we analized that the loosing situation of the lock screw on the D30 Schottky diode caused the heating conduction is not completed and the temperature rising accordingly; this overheat Oscillation of D30 Schottky diode caused the PG signal unstabile and causing the system to be reboot. When the overheat Oscillation of D30 Schottky diode last too long it will cause the Q1 defective.

The reason to cause the D30 Schottky diode to be loosing, we assume, happened by transportation. Within the mass-production of the Tagan TG480-U22 we will take care, that the fixing point of the D30 Schottky diode will be enhanced to avoid such kind of failure in the future.

MaxPoint Handelsges mbH