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Crucial BX100 1TB SSD Review

Mixed Workload And Steady State Performance

Our mixed workload testing is described in detail here, and our steady state tests are described here.

For the money, Crucial's BX100 1TB delivers high sequential mixed workload performance. We want to focus mostly on the QD4 to QD8 range for typical consumer workloads. The high sequential read speed really helps the drive, while the mix of sequential writes doesn't hurt this product as much as it does others.

Given the low random performance observed in our four-corner testing, it's easy to see why the BX100 falls to the lower end of our random mixed workload performance chart. There really isn't a way around it: Crucial's BX100 doesn't deliver random performance as well as we'd like.

128KB Sequential Mixed-Workload Steady State Performance

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For many, the steady state tests don't match the daily workloads encountered by drives in this price category. Still, we like to run them because they unearth the real solid-state gems, and Crucial's BX100 is one such diamond. Any time you work with large files that are moved sequentially, this drive fares well.

4K Random Write Steady State Performance

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Although this test has little to do with real-world performance, it does show us how the SM2246EN controller handles random data. Without fresh blocks, the 4KB random writes fall below 5000 IOPS. When the garbage collection schemes find a clean block to write to, the write happens faster than expected. The BX100 demonstrates a wide range, though, from clean and dirty writes.

  • salgado18
    My only issue with the drive is endurance. Because a secondary drive for storing data is meant to be the safe repository, wouldn't a hard drive be a better match, even with the lower performance?
  • logainofhades
    You can currently get an 850 evo for less than a BX 100.
  • MrMusAddict
    "As a subsidiary of Lexar, parent company of Micron, Crucial has access to the highest-quality flash before competing drive vendors can buy it up."

    You have it backwards there. It should read:

    "As a subsidiary of Micron, parent company of Lexar..."
  • Chris Droste
    i Love my MX100 512GB but i dunno if I'd go anything cheaper than that unless it's older/proven like a Samsung 830 or a Crucial m.4. i mean, $210 for 512GB is really damn sweet for a +90k IOps drive
  • JPNpower
    Silicon motion vs Marvell. Interesting..... Would it dethrone the OCZ Arc100?
  • dachiesa
    I grabbed a $85 sale for the 256GB one and upgraded my 120GB Kingston SSDNOW to this and I am very happy to have that extra space (the 120GB Kingston was 60 when I bought it last summer)
  • soldier44
    Time to move to a 1Tb SSD from a 256gb one I have now, this may be the one get.
  • mczak1
    The last page is saying "The cheaper controller is missing advanced features like DevSlp support and hardware-based encryption" - that is however untrue as far as the encryption is concerned (look it up on SiliconMotions site). I guess though Crucial decided to not make it available so there's some feature difference to the MX series. There could of course be some problems with it as well, but other SSDs based on the same controller offer hardware based encryption.
  • mapesdhs
    Re the 128KB Sequential Write Performance graph - please stop using graphs
    that do not have a zero origin. They are thoroughly visually misleading. What's
    the point of using a graph at all if the bars' relative sizes are so different because
    of a non-zero origin? The line graph makes it obvious the BX100 is slower but
    not that much slower than the upper end models, whereas the bar graph at
    first looks far worse. Also, the other graphs have not been done in the same way.

    Best not to use non-zero-origin graphs at all.


  • SinxarKnights
    Time to move to a 1Tb SSD from a 256gb one I have now, this may be the one get.

    I got the MX100 256GB and simply love it. I would like to get this and just use it for storage. I mean it would last pretty much forever since it isn't mechanical and the data isn't constantly being written to it.