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How We Test HDDs And SSDs


Today we're giving you a glimpse into the software and procedures used to test client solid state and mechanical hard drives. Not every reviewer uses the same methods, so knowing what we present in each review is important as you make your purchasing decision. For the most part, you can take one SSD or hard drive tested by me and compare it to another product that I reviewed. We use a strict benchmarking regimen that ensures true apples to apples comparisons.

In our reviews we publish results from a handful of other products. We try to include performance data from NAND flash manufacturers like Intel, Crucial, SanDisk, Samsung and Toshiba. Not all of the devices under test (DUT) will be available in each review, but at least our approach to evaluating allows you to compare previously-tested DUTs to new products.

We look at performance a number of ways, and also pass judgement over packaging, bundled accessories and even the product specifications. Let's start with what those manufacturer-supplied numbers actually mean.

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